Legend about Zezva Gaprindauli's horse

Having seized the fortress Bakhtrioni, the King of Kakheti wanted to endow with gifts the highlanders who had won the war. Legend has it that the Pshavs were given Shiraki [author's note: a steppe area near the border with Azerbaijan] while the Tushs, advised by Zezva, wished to be granted such lands that his horse Lurja would gallop at a time. However, the horse was so exhausted after the battle that it galloped too fast through the first several villages and then stumbled and fell dead to the ground. It was buried with great honor and its grave in Takhtibogiri has been venerated by the Tushs until today. Anyone who wishes a long life to their horse or seeks success with horses, particularly the Tushs, Khevsurs, and Pshavs, comes bringing their oblations. No one passes the gravestone on their horse without dismounting and drinking to the souls of the horse and its master, hero Zezva.

(Based on Virsaladze, E.B.: (Gruzinskije narodnyje predanija i legendy. Nauka, Moscow, p. 178).

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