Electricity, internet, telecommunications


Mobile phone signal. Mobile company Magti has the best coverage of the area including Omalo, Dartlo, Shenako, Diklo as far as Chesho in Pirikiti and Iliurta in Gometsari Valley. Most locals also prefer this company. Other main providers (Geocell and Beeline) have less extensive coverage compared to Magti. Beeline usually has the strongest signal in Omalo and its close vicinity but non-existing signal outside the village. Geocell does not even cover Dartlo, for example. Remember to have sufficient credit before leaving to the mountains as you will not be able to get any there (GEL 10 is usually enough for basic Internet needs and several calls or messages home).

Public Internet connection. A Wi-Fi network was installed in Tusheti in 2017 and may be used in Abano Pass, Omalo, and other places. It is not fast but enough for basic browsing. More guest houses offer wireless connection each year.

Electricity supply

Most of the guest houses in Tusheti and many family houses have been electrified with solar panels thanks to the project of the Czech Development Agency. High input devices (including a mini boiler for coffee) are not suitable while low input electronics, such as mobile phones, GPS, or camera batteries, may be charged with no issues.

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