Practical information for tourists

In this sections, you can find necessary practical information for tourists in Tushet


What weather could roughly expect through the year?


How to get to this dream region? Is the road really so dangerous?

Horse rental is a popular way to get around Tusheti. How to do it?


Which maps to buy? Useful links to selected maps.

Code of behaviour

Main red tapes when you are in the region.


Where to stay? List of hotels and guest-houses (2017). The list of hotels was not updated since that, but there is always at least one guest-house in each village.

Food, shops and souvenirs

Where to eat, where to buy food and other stuff

Visitor's centre

Where could you get up to date information?

Electricity and communications

Can I refill my mobile phone? Can I call or text home? Can I check my e-mails, post my photos and videos on Facebook or Instagram?

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