Apart of printed maps, you can also try our Tourist map of Tusheti on this webpage. Otherwise, application (Google Play and App Store) allows you to download offline map of Georgia (as well as other countries in the world) based on Open Street Maps. In Tusheti, the map includes some trail, all principal walking paths (marked and unmarked) as well as some attractions.You can also make your own itinerary.

The best maps are those produced by company Geoland and may be purchased in their own shop in Tbilisi for GEL 10 (see the map on the right). In Tusheti National Park you can get a basic map of Tusheti, which lacks details and thus results useless for hiking. It still can help you get generally oriented in the region.

In 2017, the Tusheti Protected Areas Association published a map at a scale of 1:55,000 (GEL 2), which is also available at the Visitor's Centre but does not show any tourist trails (see the picture in the middle). You can also make use of old Soviet maps at a scale of 1:100,000 and sometimes 1:50,000.

The shop in Alvani (named "Tourist maps Tusheti") sells newer maps on Soviet grounds, which also provide fair orientation (see the picture on the left). In 2017, the Czech Development Agency, in cooperation with the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic and Krkonoše National Park published an orientation map with tourist trails.

Old Soviet topographic maps - with the map of Tusheti. You can also download Google application.

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