Welcome to Tusheti guide  

Welcome to a distant magic tip of Georgia enclosed by the main Caucasian mountain range on one side and politically isolated by the Russian (Dagestan) border on the other side. The region is neither vast nor can it offer the highest permanently snow-covered peaks of the Caucasus. Yet, the spirit of the local landscape, its amiable and hospitable inhabitants, and their traditions certainly deserve our attention, all the more as it is increasingly discovered by tourists from different corners of the world.

The herein published information comprises facts from respective available literature and mainly several years of personal contact and discussions with local people who have long been good friends of mine. I also feel obliged to thank more than a hundred volunteers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who contributed to the development of the region with their diligent and often invisible work. Last but not least, I am grateful to my family - my wife and son for their patience and also daughter Marushka who used to spend most of the time with me and fell in love with the region as well.




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