Around Gometsari Valley

Trail: Omalo-Ghele Pass-Makratela Ridge-Nakaicho Pass-Verkhovani-Iliurta-Gogrulta-Khakhabo-Omalo.

Duration: about 4 days.

The trail passes through the less known parts of Tusheti with amazing views of Gometsari Valley and partly Pirikiti Valley. Start it in Omalo towards Dartlo, sticking to red marks. In Ghele Pass where the road to Dartlo drops down the hill and where the red trail turns down to Chigho, you have to leave the marked path and climb up the ridge (the path up is clearly visible). You will probably spend the night on the ridge or in Nakaicho Pass (about 15km from Omalo). In need of water you will have to descend further along the ridge. The following day will take you down from the pass to Verkhovani. One day side walk to Tsovata is possible (yellow trail against the river flow) is highly recommended. From Verkhovani it is possible to follow car road to Omalo (yellow marks) until the signpost "Iliurta Road", where the red lane turns up the hill to the villages of Iliurta, Vestomta, and Gogrulta (possible sleepover in a guest house in Gogrulta). At the periphery of the village there is a sacred place (Mariamtsminda) with no women allowed to come closer.

The red trail to Kahakhabo (the signpost also shows the red trail to Dochu) follows down to the bottom of Oritskali Valley (Two Waters), where you will have to wade across the river and ascend to former sheds (boslebi) of Gogrulta (Lashkaraulta, see the picture). Continue further towards the ridge through the pastures of Apakurta. On your left side, you will see sacred Mt. Kekhi where access is restricted (shrine, see the picture below). Behind Sanarovani Pass the marked lane takes a left turn and leads you down through the meadow of Shantlovani (an open meadow on a slope; transl. from Georgian - "wetlands") into the village of Khakhabo. The red lane continues further from Khakhabo down the valley to the river where you will go over a restored bridge and further mount the hill through the forest and meadow to Omalo.
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