Tourist trails

This chapter aims to provide you with tips on various circular trails in Tusheti and its neighbouring regions. It seeks to lead you to the most interesting places in the region. The lengths are only approximate and may be combined from short one-day trips (from Omalo to Shenako/Diklo or Dartlo, Shenako to the Castle of Love) to several-day treks. Some of the less known trails are described in a guide by Nasmyth, Peter: Walking in the Caucasus. Georgia. 2nd edition. MTA Publications, London, 2013, pp. 127-145.

In 2016-2019, a basic network of tourist trails in entire Tusheti was marked. See also an online map of all marked trails.

From Tusheti to Khevsureti

Omalo-Dartlo-Pharsma-Girevi- Atsunta Pass-Ardoti-Mutso-Shatili.

Directions: From Omalo follow red marks and then take yellow to Girevi.

Duration: about 5 days, depending on the weather.

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Classic small Tusheti circuit

Omalo-Shenako-Diklo (Dzveli Galavani)-Chigho-Dartlo-Omalo.

Duration: 3 days

Mostly Red trails from Omalo to Diklo and Chigho, yellow trail on Chigho-Dartlo-Omalo section.

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Tusheti à la carte. The best of Tusheti

Omalo-Dartlo-Chesho-Pharsma-Nakaicho Pass-Verkhovani-Jvarboseli-Dochu-Bochorna-Omalo; may be combined with the trail "Small circuit" and "Gometsari Valley".

Duration: about 4-5 days (count with about 2 days more if visiting also Shenako and Diklo and 1-2 more days if going through Iliurta, Gogrulta and Khakhabo)

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Through the valley of raids - from Pankisi to Omalo

Omalo (Pankisi Valley, 753m a.s.l.) - Mt. Oritsveri (2,930m) - saddle beneath Didgverdi (3,117m) - saddle Samkinvrostsveri (3,167m) - Oritskali Valley - village of Gogrulta (1,859m) - Dochu - Bochorna - Omalo (Tusheti)

Duration: 5-6 days

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Omalo - Shenako circuit (Castle of Love, Ageurta)

Omalo - Shenako Old Bridge - Akochis Tsikhe (Castle of Love) - Shenako - Ageurta (abandoned village) - Tatikboseltana (change from red to yellow trail) - Omalo
Duration: approx. 1 day

Marking: red trail, partly yellow trail from Shenako to Omalo.

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Along the ridges above Gometsari Valley

Omalo-Ghele Pass-Makratela Ridge-Nakaicho Pass-Verkhovani-Iliurta-Gogrulta-Khakhabo-Omalo.

Duration: about 4 days.

Orientation: Omalo Ghele - red trail, Ghele-Makratela-Nakaicho (unmarked, but clean trail on the mountain chain, from Nakaicho to Omalo red trail

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Photo: Viktorie Hlaváčková
Photo: Viktorie Hlaváčková

Oreti Lake

Omalo-Visitor's Centre-Tsokalta-ascent along the ridge to a summer sheep pen-Oreti and back

Duration: This option will take about 1.5 days (the best is to spend the night directly by the lake). The trail is ideal on a horseback as a single day trip

Orientation: red trail from Upper/Lower Omalo up to Oreti Lake.

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