Food, shops, souvenirs

Food and meals

You may have a meal in a guest house even if you have your own tent. A single meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) costs about GEL 10-15. If you need to buy food supplies, see the following chapter Shops and souvenirs. Many guesthouses are titled "Cafe" and apart from dinner you can order tea, coffee, beer, wine, or chacha.

Shops and souvenirs

Lower Omalo has two shops selling staple long life food and other basics; sometimes you can get fruits and vegetables or local cheese. You can also get the gas bombs there. A bakery in Upper Omalo (left from hotel Lasharai) sells fresh bread (puri, GEL 1) every morning in summer, or cocoa muffins (GEL 1). They did not work in 2021, but are ready to open again if enough tourists come. Another bakery is in Lower Omalo (the last house on the left when leaving the village towards Shenako). Homemade wine or chacha (of varying quality) and bottled beer are available in almost every shop and guest house. Many other accommodation facilities also have a "Shop" sign, but the assortment may be limited to alcoholic drinks or possibly some most basic food. On the other side, you can buy homemade cheese from shepherds.

Many shops, hotels or guesthouses offer hand-made woollen socks and gloves with traditional patterns. Somewhere (Hotel Tusheti Tower) they sell felt wall rugs (teka) with motifs from mythology.
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