Tusheti á la carte. Grand tour around the region

Trail: Omalo-Dartlo-Chesho-Pharsma-Nakaicho Pass-Verkhovani-Jvarboseli-Dochu-Bochorna-Omalo; you may combine it with other trails.

Duration: about 4-5 days (count with about 2 days more if also visiting Shenako and Diklo)

This trail will lead you to the traditional and even less known areas of Tusheti, as well as to Shenako and Diklo. Thus, you will see all the main beauties of the region. The best is to set off from Omalo to Dartlo (about 3 hours) - the shortcut is described above in the trek to Shatili. It is fine to make a trip up a little ridge to the fortified village of Kvavlo. The following day you may continue from Dartlo over Chesho to Pharsma (with a preserved tower). There is a bridge across the Pirikiti Alazani below the village. The path will guide you further up to Nakiacho Pass (2,903m a.s.l.).

Descent from the pass over deserted Dadikurta to Verkhovani takes about 2 hours. Here you can find accommodation in a tower or in a local guesthouse on the right bank of the Gometsari Alazani, or a bit further in Jvarboseli. The trail from Verkhovani to Omalo following yellow marks is about 20km long. On your way you can have a stopover and spend a night in the village of Dochu (the view of the village from the road is one of the most fascinating in Tusheti). Alternatively, you could establish your base in Verkhovani/Jvarboseli and explore the villages in Tsovata Valley using newly established yellow trail (you may ask for car wade for the first section as the footbridge is not available as of 2019). You can also take a right turn from the road near Beghela up the hill to Iliurta and follow red marks over Vestomta to Gogrulta and further still on the red lane to Khakhabo (see Gometsari Valley loop trail).
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