Classical small Tusheti circuit

Trail: Omalo-Shenako-Diklo (Dzveli Galavani)-Chigho-Dartlo-Omalo.

Duration: 3 days

A trek that will show you the typical beauties of Tusheti in brief. The first day starts on a yellow marked path from Lower Omalo, over Shenako, to Diklo. From Omalo-Shenako road you may deviate to an unofficial trail to the Castle of Love (about 3km longer, see trail tip above), and then continue on a marked red lane to Shenako. Or, as an option, you can descend on the road to the bridge and about 1km behind the bridge turn right, which will lead you to Shenako through the deserted village of Ageurta (red marks). From Shenako to Diklo you can use an easy yellow trail on the road or you may use a footpath with red sign (slightly longer but more interesting). The red-marked lane is right of the ridge, while the yellow drive mostly leads you through plains with meadows. Accommodation is available in Diklo. The nearby ruins of the fortified village of Dzveli Galavani are certainly worth paying a short visit (yellow trail). The second day you will traverse between Diklo and Dartlo, following the red trail, which begins at the junction not far from Diklo, on the road from Shenako (Chatekhiltana). Subsequently, you will go up to the pass above Diklo, then descend to the water stream, and once more ascend to the village of Chigho. Below Chigho the red changes into yellow, which you will follow along the newly built road above Pirikiti Valley with its abandoned sheds. From Dartlo there already is a road (yellow marks) first back to Ghele Pass and then further following red marks to Omalo.
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